The amazing places we got to see together”

After Marie we settled into her new job we decided to see some of the world both near and far way. We had trips to London, Oxford, Florida, and weekend breaks in The Cliff house hotel Ardmore and Powerscourt hotel Enniskerry. London Oxford Florida The Cliff House Powerscourt Hotel

A New Job “Cheese Please”

When Marie decide she wanted to go back to work it was more about meeting people and getting out of the house and keeping busy than a search for a new career. We chatted about the options and it has to be something near by (Hours driving into work was not an option) and a…

Love and future Plans

After Aidan passing Marie and I were at cross roads in our life together. Marie was will to try IVF again but it was to great a risk with little or no hope of success and with more heartbreak the most likely outcome. We discussed it and I would rather a life time of just…

The loss of our Son Aidan

After Marie Kidney transplant, our thoughts turn to starting a family. We had to wait a while to ensure there was no risk to Marie health. But after months of trying we went to fertility clinic to get the checked out, and we found out we would need help to have a baby so Marie…


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About Me

This is Marie Blog, unfortunately she never got to write it as she was take from this world far to soon by Cancer. But in her memory and the memory of the wonderful 14 years we spent together I am writing our story most from friends and Family and for so I forget nothing of our life together.

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