Living with Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure is complex condition to manage, step one they put in a perma-cath line which is a plastic tube which is insert into an arterial line mostly in you neck. They will then connect an in and out line to a dialysis Machine and laterally pump your blood through the machine which contain a filter which cleans the blood and removes excess fluid. But dialysis is very hard on the body especially you circulatory system which means after a period of time about 10 years dialysis will not longer be a option for your and transplants is your only hope. Dialysis took Marie 3 hours 3 time per week and left her exhausted, and on dialysis days you normally can’t drive for safety reasons so your have to be brought there and back by someone. Then there’s the diet restrictions, more fluid in the more they more they take out at dialysis time so you have to measure all ingoing fluid and keep to a max per you body type so not 5 cups of tea or wine or beer, the no beans(including coffee), chocolate or cheese or a bunch of other common food. If you get on the transplant list you have to lose weight and keep your BMI correct for your height and body type. The perma-cath line is a direct line into you body for any bacteria or virus so it must be kept clean and dry at all times so showing is an adventure. Then there the emotional toll the fear of infection the tiredness and the sense of time running out, Marie did this every day for over 3 years.

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