Transplant Time & The Amazing Brother

After a number of years on the transplant list, we began to struggle Marie was starting to lose hope and was afraid we would run out of time. We were not able to travel outside of the country due the need for dialyses every 2 days and Marie for it really difficult to visit family and friends in the UK and holidays were not an option at all. But the constants fear of infection via perma-cath line and the tiredness really began to ware Marie down and there were days when she was so unhappy and just sad. I was planning to donation but I have the wrong blood type so kidney rejection risk was to high then one day up steps Marie’s amazing brother and says enough is enough lets get me tested and see if I can give you one of my Kidneys. I can’t under estimate how big a deal this was, Marie Brother gave a piece of himself to save his sister and transformed her life. This in not an easy task you cant just say let do it and off you go, Marie Brother had to get multiple test which required flights from the UK and a phycological review to ensure he was doing this of his own free will and he understood the risks. The this whole approval processes took a year before the operation could be scheduled. Just to you and idea here are the statistic from 2019 for living kidney donors the last none Covid year.

Transplant Statistics 2019
249 transplants in total Kidneys 153  – (25 living/128 deceased)

Living donors give the patent the best chance, with lower reject risks but are they are more complex because you need 2 surgeons and two operating theaters. Marie and and brother surgery went really well and both recovered well. weird fact they don’t take out your old kidneys the just splice in the new one in Marie case she could feel it if she pushed in the right spot.

Recover was hard and Marie was in pain but the hardest part as the fear that her body would reject the kidney and it gave her sleep night for a long time and every twinge or slight pain would make her very nervous. but once we god through this part of the journey both our lives were transformed and we began to plan for the future. But we never forgot the generous gift from Marie brother and Marie protected the kidney every day.

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