Post Transplant Changes

I share my first kiss with Marie on the 7th July 2007 and it was amazing because it opened the door to 14 year’s worth of Love and Happiness and 11 years of marriage, and it thought me that love, and happiness can be infinite with the right person. The fear of losing the love of your life to kidney failure, makes everything about them even more amazing their smile, their laugh their kiss you see in new light.

We were determined never to miss a chance to love each other more, and it was just doing the simplest of things for one another that made love each other more and made us infinitely happier. For me it was when I woke up and went to my computer to start work and there would be a note telling me that Marie loved me and not to work too hard, if had to travel for work to America I would find notes in my suitcase hidden in my socks telling me she missed me. For Marie I would set out Marie breakfast things and hiding notes under the teacup telling how much I loved her or buying her birthday 3 card instead of one because I loved her 3 as much as everyone else.

These are the little things we did for one another every day that would make us both fall a little more in love with one another and make us a little happier every day.

Dinner with a angel

There is a expression “life gets in the way” after getting through Marie Kidney failure I understand it wasn’t an expression is was an excuse.

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