The loss of our Son Aidan

After Marie Kidney transplant, our thoughts turn to starting a family. We had to wait a while to ensure there was no risk to Marie health. But after months of trying we went to fertility clinic to get the checked out, and we found out we would need help to have a baby so Marie and I started IVF together. If your not familiar with IVF processes its weeks of medication which includes painful injections into the tummy and at the end of the process eggs are collected. Marie put herself through all of this without any complaint’s but at the end of the process we were successfully and Marie was pregnant and off we went to hollies street maternity hospital. We got through the 13 week scan without any issue and all appeared to be going well but subsequent scans showed that Aidan was not growing as expected and after one hospital visit were we taken into a side room were we were told that Aidan was not growing and we should to prepare for the worst. For the next few months we would have to go into hollies street(Wednesday morning) to get a scan and wait for bad news, its was one of the worst time of both our lives and even now I hate Wednesday. But Aidan kept fighting and he would have made to full term but Marie developed septicemia and we have make a choice Aidan was within the window were is lungs were developed enough to give him a changes of life, so that what we did Marie was admitted to hospital and was give medication to fight the septicemia and when the consultant thought Marie was in danger Aidan was delivered and take to the NICU and put on life support right away. Aidan was the smallest babe boy born in hollies street at the time and was only 436 grams and he could fit into my two hands if he stretched his little legs out. The hospital asked if we could pilot a scheme called angel cam which allowed family and friends to see Aidan while in NICU without have to risk visits and to allow mums to bond and watch there babies in the NICU. Marie did use it in the evening but nothing on earth would stop her from holding her babe boy including 8 flight of stairs because the lift were broken all the time in the hospital, So Marie help by me and a nurse would climb the stairs ever day to see Aidan before she was discharged home.

Marie was sent home after 7 days and on the morning of day 8 day the NICU consultant called us to inform us that Aidan had developed a tear in his bowls and that there was nothing he could do to save Aidan we were told should get to the hospital ASAP, and a few hours later our beautiful brave boy died in our arms. In tribute to his memory friends and family raised enough money to buy an new angel cam which was name after our angel.

I do not have the words to describe the pain of losing a babe, it is a permanent scar on my soul and the world was never as beautiful or happy after Aidan was gone. Aidan loss could and nearly broke both of us, but the love we had for one another got us through the worst days of our lives.

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