A New Job “Cheese Please”

When Marie decide she wanted to go back to work it was more about meeting people and getting out of the house and keeping busy than a search for a new career. We chatted about the options and it has to be something near by (Hours driving into work was not an option) and a few hours a week and something working with people. One day Marie came and told me about jobs going in Sheridan’s Cheese Mongers, I remember Marie and I having conversation about applying for the job and her doubt and concerns that she wouldn’t know enough and artisan cheese etc. and I told her that cheese was one of her favorite foods and she more about cheese than most people I knew and I was sure there would be training. So Marie went for a trial day and loved it she took the job and began a new career as a Cheese Monger. Marie has a number of different job but outside of child care Sheridan’s was the one she loved most, it was meeting people , work lots of different people from all backgrounds and she got to learn and try artisans cheese, pasta and became quite the foodie. I had not seen her so happy for a long time. Marie attention to detail, her endless list and here style and her passion for people made her great at her new job. Marie as made a team lead for one of there busiest counter and eventually helped manage Sheridan’s concession stands in multiple stores. One of best thing about her time in Sheridan’s was the great friends she made. Marie also turned me into a cheese and pasta snob no more easy single for me.

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