The Bravest Woman

To say chemotherapy hard is an understatement as large as Mount Everest. Just to give you and idea of just some of the side effects we have tiredness, felling weak as a baby, loss of appetite, loss of hair , pain, constraint sickness you feel worse than the cancer. But my beautiful wife fought though all of these side effects with more bravery and courage than I thought was possible in a person, it made so proud to be her husband its why I continue to write these post because even though it painful to remember these events I need everyone to know how amazing Marie was even when it was the hardest times. There are two event during the first round of chemotherapy that I always remember.

Marie hair with was her pride and joy started so when its fall out Marie took the decision get rid of it all together so the electric razor she used on me for my lock down hair cut I had to use on Marie. Marie as always made some joke about me being her new stylist and she told me to keep the hair because we can stick it back on later. we took some pictures to share with family and friends and Marie told she had an idea and she wanted my help Marie told me she wanted to a web site to share what was going with her life and her experiences, we spent the rest of the day thinking up names for the site Marie came up with Feisty because she was just so damn feisty and I came up with Foxy because even with shaved head Marie was still sexist most beautiful woman I knew.

The Second event was as a result of the weakness caused by the chemotherapy, Marie hand just would work right so messaging became so hard and frustrating for her, using a little brain power I figure out how to send voice messages over whats app and that became our way of communicating, because of covid and risk of infection visiting Marie was limited but any time we want to talk we would whats app a voice massage to one another and it felt like we were together and it got us through the first round of chemotherapy. Some of the voice messages are amazing really strong pain meds made Marie a bit sweary and more honest than was polite, we once had a 20 minute chat about a butterfly in here room on the celling that turned out to be a sprinkler head, we both laugh our asses of when we figured that out. As I write the post I am listening to her saved voice messages and it breaks my heart and fills me with joy all at the same time.

3 thoughts on “The Bravest Woman

  1. Bless you. Marie was indeed one of the most amazing, funny and strong women I have had the privilege to meet. I was only chatting about her to my son last Sunday saying how brave she has been.

  2. Beatifully written. Thinking of you Shane. Big hug & Kisses gone to you. I know you adored the ground Marie walked on. I loved that about you and you were not afraid to show it. Love Janice XXXXX

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